Get Involved!

The Little Theatre is a non-profit venue, ran entirely by the dedicated volunteers of the Nairn Drama Club.

On Stage

Many of the shows at The Little Theatre are produced and performed in-house by the resident Nairn Drama Club who are always looking for cast members of all ages and welcome new members.

The club meets regularly at the Theatre, and posts notices of auditions on the Facebook page. Our auditions are open to all, so if you want to join us on stage, come along to any audition!

If performing isn't your thing, there's plenty more to do at The Little Theatre!


Front Of House

The friendly faces of The Little Theatre our Front of House team are responsible for making sure you enjoy your visit to the Theatre.

Front of House staff help keep the public areas of the theatre in good condition, help audience members to their seats, make sure there's plenty of tea and coffee to go around, and are there to help with anything you need.


Stage Team

A lot more happens behind the scenes than you might expect.

Our Stage Management team make sure the show is alright on the night, from cueing scene changes and directing the lights and sound operators, to moving scenery around and making sure the cast have the right prop at the right time without them the show simply wouldn't go on!



What good is a show if you don't know about it? - We're actively looking for people to promote the theatre and our shows and events.

Maybe you're good at visual design, or love spending time on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc - why not help promote your local Theatre and help introduce more people to the stage?


Set Construction

Set design transforms our boring black box into anywhere in (or off!) the world, and transports the audience from our stage to a 1930s mansion, a gritty New York street, another planet, or perhaps a dark and very expansive forest. If you're good with your hands at woodwork, joinery, painting, etc then come and bring your vision to the stage. And take our audiences wherever your imagination wants.



Sound can be anything from backing music (sadly, being a Little theatre means we can't accommodate an orchestra!), simply making sure our cast are heard, to sound effects or soundscapes that help set the scene together with lighting and set design; taking the audience to a busy street, or a serene loch.

Make noise, or simply control it, but come and be heard!



Some of us would rather be behind the lights than in front of them. Lighting can be transformational, the same set looks completely different under different lights much as your garden looks different in the bright midday sun and the warm glow of sunset. Come and recreate these natural looks on stage, or fantasy worlds of strong colours and dramatic effects.


Don't know your french brace from a pair of braces? or are you accustomed to thinking gel is something you put in your hair, not in a light?

Don't worry! We are lucky enough to have a number of skilled technicians as part of our team, and the support of many others including those who've worked in professional venues such as Eden Court, Her Majesty's Aberdeen, Glasgow Kings, Edinburgh Kings and beyond who will take you under their wing (or wings) and introduce you to the concepts as well as training you on the use of the equipment at The Little Theatre

We're constantly investing to improve our facilities, and recently secured funding to upgrade our stage lighting to LED

For those with a techncial background, why not take a look at our Technical Specification to learn a bit more about what we have here at the theatre - for a Little Theatre it may surprise you.

Wherever you see yourself, we've love to hear from you!