This information is intended for visiting companies or those hiring the Theatre

It may also be interesting to potential volunteers looking to learn more about the Theatre

We do our best to keep these up to date but some details, especially the Lighting Plan, can change depending on productions.

If you're bringing a show to the Theatre, please eMail the technical team in advance to ensure that we can accommodate your requirements.

Fixed Lighting Rig

From 2024, The Little Theatre has a largely fixed LED lighting rig incorporating full spectrum LED and moving lights carefully designed to accommodate most performances with minimal refocussing or repositioning of fixtures and enables The Little Theatre to host many performances with minimal effort as well as ad-hoc use by local groups.

If this doesn't meet your requirements where possible we ask that you do not refocus or move any of these lanterns but rather hang additional fixtures if required.

We have a small stock of additional fixtures, and you're welcome to bring your own (subject to safety checks and appropriate rigging hardware)


As we're a small venue, and staffed by volunteers, we don't have a full-time LX crew therefore we don't routinely do pre-rigs. If you have a tight schedule, have used the space before, and can send us a detailed plan we will endeavour to do what we can.

If you are using generic fixtures all gel cuts must be sent well in advance. Since migrating to a full LED rig we no longer have a stock of gel.

Atmospherics and Pyro

We have a smoke machine and a hazer, visiting companies are welcome to use either in their production although a small charge may be levied for fluids. You are welcome to bring your own non-pyrotechnic and water-based atmospheric effects.

Oil-based effects (crackers) and CO2 based effects (such as low foggers, or dry ice) require additional risk assessment and are not normally considered suitable for use in The Little Theatre

The use of pyrotechnic effects of any kind is strictly by prior arrangement with the Resident Stage Manager and Theatre Manager and will not normally be granted except to those who can provide evidence of training. In any event, the selection of devices must involve those named above.

The Little Theatre Management reserves the right to amend or refuse the use of any effect.