Ticketing FAQ

Our online ticket sales are intended to be easy to use and accessible on any device. Wherever possible, please book tickets online.

The Little Theatre also hosts performances and events by other groups. If you have purchased tickets for an event or show at The Little Theatre from another Company or organisation directly, not from nairnlittletheatre.org.uk or our Box Office, then their own terms apply and we cannot access your booking. Please contact them directly.

If you're unable to book online, you can also book by calling 01667 294 394. We do our best to staff this line from 1100-1800 Mon-Fri, but we're a volunteer-ran organisation so there is no permanent box office function.

If you have special access requirements, or wish to book for a group of more than nine, please eMail boxoffice@nairnlittletheatre.org.uk

Who needs a ticket?

All audience members - including children - need a valid ticket. We appreciate that some children may want to sit on their parent or carer's lap for the show however, like all theatres, we are subject to strict licensing requirements and have a restriction on the number of people allowed in our venue at any one time - this includes children. Every person must therefore have a ticket regardless of age.

Unless explicitly stated on the show information pages, 'babes-in-arms' tickets are generally not offered. A limited number of free 'babes-in-arms' tickets for those 12 months or under may be available for family shows. These are not available online. Please call to check availability

How can I pay?

We accept all major Credit and Debit Cards including VISA, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, and Diners. If you're using a mobile device or a Mac we also accept Android Pay and Apple Pay.

Your card is processed securely by Stripe on our behalf, and your card details are not available to us at any time.

What are your booking fees?

These vary depending on the show, but generally no more than 75p per ticket.

These fees cover the cost of card processing, and operating the online box office service.

We have to charge these fees in person too, even if you pay by cash, because (since 2012) The Consumer Rights (Payment Surcharges) Regulations 2012 made it illegal to charge different amounts for different payment methods (e.g. cash or card).

Why can't I select the seat I want?

We have a small auditorium, only 70 seats, so the system tries to minimise the number of single empty seats in the middle of a row as our most common sizes of group are two or three.

You therefore cannot leave a gap between seats in your booking, nor can you leave a single empty seat between an already booked seat and your own booking.

If you are coming to the theatre yourself, and there are several single seats in the middle of a row, you will be directed to choose one of these.

As I'm sure you can appreciate we have to maximise the use of our small space, and thank you for your understanding.

Are all your seats accessible?

If you have any access requirements that will make your visit to the theatre easier, please let us know in advance by eMail to boxoffice@nairnlittletheatre.org.uk or calling 01667 294 394.

We can ordinarily accomodate a maximum of two wheelchair users per performance, but this must be notified at least seven days before the performance as we must remove seats from the auditorium.

If you require step-free access to the auditorium there is a lift to the rearmost row (H) but you must be able to descend the stairs in the event of an emergency in the event the lift cannot be used.

If you require wheeled access to the auditorium, or are unable to use the lift, you will be escorted via a backstage area to seats in row A or B by our Front of House team.

Why do the available seats change?

The seats shown as available can change from time to time. When you select seats they are blocked from other visitors for a short time (around 20 minutes) to allow you to complete your purchase. As a result, it's possible for seats that were not available to become available again.

Also, we reserve a small number of house seats in each performance. This is common practice in all theatres. They are 'released' for general sale nearer the show.

Why are there no seats available?

The show is very close to being sold out.

Once all tickets are sold the performance will be marked sold out. However, due to the temporary blocking of seats explained above it will not be marked sold out until the sale of all tickets is complete. Therefore, if some of those other customers don't complete a purchase the seats may become available again.

Will I get the seats I booked?

We will always endeavour to seat you in the seats selected but please note that from time to time due to operational reasons, such as to accomodate guests with mobility issues, we may be unable to seat you in your selected seats on the night.

Do I get a ticket?

The Little Theatre uses eTicketing. You will receive an eMail containing a PDF which you can print, or show on your phone when you come to the theatre. If you use an Apple mobile device, you can also save your tickets to your device wallet.

We cannot post tickets out, you must either print your own or bring them on a mobile device to show on arrival.

If you purchase tickets in person, we will eMail them to you or print them at time of purchase. You may use either ticket on the day.

If you have bought tickets online, but would like a physical ticket (e.g. to give as a gift), drop into the theatre before any performance or when the theatre is open for another event and our Front of House team will print them for you.

Can I return tickets if I can't make it?

If you can't make the originally booked date, you can swap your tickets for another performance date with available seats at no charge.

At the discretion of the show, you may be able to return tickets to us for resale.

Where returns are accepted, the following applies;

Returned tickets are offered for sale after all house seats have been released and all other groups of the same size are sold.

When your returned seats are sold online you will be refunded the ticket price for each of the seats sold automatically within 24 hours. If your returned tickets are sold on the door, you will be refunded within three days after the performance.

(please note that if, for example, you returned four tickets, but only three subsequently sell you will receive a refund for the three sold seats only)

Can I still buy tickets at the theatre?

We do not have a permanently staffed box office. We recognise that some of our audience members may not purchase online and as such tickets can be purchased in person on predefined dates and times. These will be announced for each performance.

Subject to availability, you can buy tickets on the door.

It is also possible to purchase tickets for another show at any other performance at The Little Theatre.