Lighting Upgrades

We've LED the way in energy efficiency.

The Little Theatre was constructed in 2003, at a time when energy was cheap. As a result, it's not the most efficient building to run, and not very 'green'.

We were recently able to secure funding, thanks to the Energy Saving Trust and Business Energy Scotland, to improve our energy efficiency in many ways - the first to be tackled is lighting.

Whole-building upgrades

Lighting throughout the building has been replaced with high quality, high-efficiency, LED lighting suited to the space, from ultra low glare downlights in our foyer, energy saving automatic lights in the toilets, and daylight-balanced light in our wardrobe department - the theatre is looking brighter than ever!

We also took this opportunity to upgrade our emergency lighting throughout. Whilst we hope to never need it, maintaining these systems is an important part of operating a public building such as a theatre.

On Stage

Lighting makes a huge difference to every performance, whether realistic lighting to suggest the warmest summer day or the darkest storm, to the bright colourful chases of pantomime, our technicians rely on a variety of types of light to paint the stage in texture and colour.

Stage lighting is also hugely power-hungry, our previous lighting rig could use just under 30kW with everything turned on (equivalent to almost 500 domestic light bulbs!)

Only in the last few years has LED technology reached the point that it can economically replace simple traditional stage lights and still provide quality lighting. Until recently, the cost of appropriate lights would have been completely unviable for a tiny space like ours.

Thanks to the support of the Energy Saving Trust and The Stage Group - who really took time to understand our requirements - we are delighted to have been able to take this opportunity to invest in new lighting on our stage.

Not only do the new lights save energy (and money!) but they are safer for our volunteers as they don't get hot, and less working at height is required. They also provide new artistic possibilities we could until now only dream of.

A new generation

Our new lighting has the ability to change colour, shape, and position on stage automatically and by remote control - negating the need for consumables like 'gel' (plastic put in front of lights to change its colour) and climbing ladders regularly to reposition lights for the next show.

Designers and technicians can also make changes during a show, during a scene, creating more dynamic and engaging lighting to accompany our dynamic and engaging casts' performances on stage.

This is functionality you would expect to find in large theatres like Eden Court, or arenas and TV studios, and we're fortunate to be able to have it right here at The Little Theatre.

What's next?

Lighting was the first improvement suggested by the Energy Saving Trust as it can have a huge impact on our operating costs (the performance benefits are just a fortunate side effect for us!) and is quick to implement but we're continuing to improve the venue's environmental performance, and reduce costs - next with improvements to insulation and heating - ensuring the viability and future of The Little Theatre for many years to come.

Want to get involved?

We are a team of dedicated volunteers, and always looking for new talent on-stage and off. If you fancy yourself as a lighting designer or technician, or just want to come and play with (what we think are) some cool toys, then get in touch.

You don't need any previous experience! Under the oversight of experienced theatre technicians, including members of the ALPD (Association of Lighting and Production Design) and ABTT (Association of British Theatre Technicians), The Little Theatre strives to provide a professional environment in miniature - allowing volunteers to acquire new skills that would be useful in any venue, little or large.

Part of another group or theatre?

If you are part of another similar venue and want to talk about what we’ve done, or visit us in Nairn and see our facilities, please do get in touch - we’re happy to share our experiences, what we learned along the way, and offer advice where possible.